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Curved by my love for tight black leather, dark moody environments and smokey jewels, this blog is a reflection of what defines my personal style

A balanced combination of West and East, results in the feature of Australian jewellery brand JAN LOGAN, Hong Kong designer ERBERT CHONG and the edgy Chinese restaurant MOTT32 – all shot by Hong Kong renown photographer, Philippe Spes Leung with make by Natasha Sinjani.


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Erbert Chong understands confidence and sexuality, merging the two via [Tweet “strong silhouettes moulded in black leather and serious amounts of attitude”].

The Hong Kong designer works essentially on creating handbags, but also designs a fashion line each season to compliment his bags – generating whole-looks for his clientele.

With longer lengths and high waist lines, Erbert’s work is not typically what mainstream consider ‘sexy’, it’s a far cry from short and tight, and THAT is exactly what makes it work.  His designs revolve around the subtleness of sensuality and play on an edgier side of femininity.

With attention paid to unusual cut-outs (note the leather jacket), detailed stitching (the bustier shows his technique of brilliantly) and a sound understanding in the flow and fit of fabrics (the leather, full-circle midi skirt a perfect example of this) Erbert Chong resonates with those that see sexiness in off-beat details


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In the above photos I wear:



Leather Cutout Jacket – ERBERT CHONG – $HK8,028

Leather Bustier – ERBERT CHONG – HK$3,400

Leather Full A-Line Skirt – ERBERT CHONG – HK$2,040



– 9YG Gatsby Smoky Quartz Fixed Earrings – JAN LOGAN – HK$6850

– 9K Yellow Gold  Fresh Water Pearl Ring – JAN LOGAN – HK$5,800

– 9K Yellow Gold Gatsby Cushion Faceted  Smoky Quartz Bezel Setting Ring – JAN LOGAN – HK$8,450

– Silver with Gold Plated Vermeil Mesh Cuff Bangle – JAN LOGAN – HK$3,500


|| MY OWN ||

– Yellow Citrine Ring – ASIA GEM CONNECTION – Custom Made


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Routed as a quintessential self run ‘Start-Up’, the Australian based jewellery brand, JAN LOGAN, was created and fuelled by a Mother (Jan Logan) who after raising her three sons decided to get back into the work force – following her own creative drive and glamorously self-taught direction.

It’s partly the femininely fierce background of this now global brand that has me wearing the JAN LOGAN with pride (perhaps in hopes that the determined vibes of its past will influence my own business in such a vibrant way) – but it is also the subtleness of the chameleon-like designs that I’m a fan of.

In essence JAN LOGAN‘s pieces are elegant and timeless – but they are also incredibly adaptable and seem to merge with any style, whether it’s high fashion & trend setting, urban simplicity, rock-chic moodiness or classic flirtations femininity – all style of which I move in and out of depending on my mood and the occasion.

[Tweet “JAN LOGAN accommodates these fluctuating fashion orientations and amplifies them”] with the use of precious stones subtly placed but dramatically worn.


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Jan Logan, Erbert Chong, MOTT32_30

In the above photos I wear:



– Dress my own



– Silver Kelly  South Sea Pearl and Onyx Choker – JAN LOGAN – HK$7,850

– 18K Yellow Gold La Ramba Black Onyx and Black Diamond Ring – JAN LOGAN – HK$22,500

– 18K Yellow Gold  Cienega Diamond Band – JAN LOGAN – HK$9,650

|| MY OWN ||

– 18K White Gold and Black Diamond Ear Cuff – ASIAN GEM CONNECTION – Custom Made


Jan Logan_Erbert Chong_MOTT32_30


|| MOTT#32 ||

Designed collaboratively by award-winning interior designer Joyce Wang and Maximal concepts, this Chinese Restaurant couldn’t be more dramatic if it tried.

From the rawness of exposed concrete walls, to the mirrored spiralling staircase entrance and enchanting chandeliers, to the brooding images of figures like Dr Sun Yat-sen holding a rose in his mouth (and photographed in this blog) – [Tweet “this venue is a seamless blend of Western industrial visuals and Eastern imperial elements”] – which for me were the perfect backdrop in which to work with photographer Philippe Spes Leung and Make-up Artist Natasha Sinjani to create a series of images that showcased Hong Kong and the designers I chose for this Blog.


Mott 32


Basement, Standard Chartered Bank Building, 4-4A Des Voeux Road Central


+852 2885 8688




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Jan Logan_Erbert Chong_MOTT32_31


In the above photos I wear:



– Leather Full A-Line Skirt – ERBERT CHONG – HK$2,040



-18K White Gold Dali Diamond Earrings – JAN LOGAN – HK$51,500


|| MY OWN ||

CUFFS White Shirt

– ASOS Swimsuit top

– 18K White Gold and Black Diamond Ear Cuff – ASIAN GEM CONNECTION – Custom Made

PLUKKA Quartz Ring




Erbert Chong, Jan Logan, MOTT32_33




Photographer Philippe Spes Leung

Makeup Artist Natasha Sinjani

Maximal Concepts




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