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TIME – a delicious and quite decadent luxury I would love to indulge in more – as I’m sure so many of you would!

With a kiddo and a new lingerie label on the go, I’ve fast become an expert at getting the necessities of life completed within a very limited timeframe.  In fact, I’ve become such a pro (self-pat-on-back), I’ve now figured out ways to add a little of that luxury back into my life while remaining respectful to my ever ticking watch.

My most recent of time-friendly routines is that of Shellac nails at NU.

And yes, yes, you would have heard me rave about NU before!  They are the beauticians I go to for my monthly waxes, but they also have a cute nail set-up, making my visits there only a little longer than they used to be – but twice as efficient when it comes to all the time I’m saving not having to travel elsewhere!

Ladies if your like me – short on time – book in with the lovely team at NU for your wax AND nails.  BOTH services are expertly done and I can’t speak louder of how good it feels just to go to one place, once a month and have all my personal ‘details’ looked after.

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Express Manicure: HK$200

Express Pedicure: HK$260

Expert Manicure: HK$280

Expert Pedicure: HK$420

Expert Manicure & Shellac: HK$430

Expert Pedicure & Shellac: HK$570


NU Waxing Workshop

23/F, Hing Wai Building

36 Queens Road Central

Hong Kong

+852 2869 9680

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