I am an absolute fan of Gossip Girl!

Eric Daman, the Gossip Girl stylist has me re-working my wardrobe constantly, Chuck Bass has me gushing constantly at his reckless, rich handsomeness and the teen life of the Upper East Side has me reconsidering my Hong Kong living… perhaps New York is where it’s at!?

But what it also does, it make me overly wary of wearing headbands.

What was predominantly Blair Waldorf’s signature style, has now also been adapted by the thousands of teens, who claim headbands as their own.

Now Blair Waldorf’s style shoes I would happily step into – but not when competing with the masses of teenage followers. And as a result, I moved on from the band wearing phase.

However, no that we are into Season.5 of Gossip Girl, Blairs headbands being left in her closet back in season 3 – it’s time to pick up on that hair-embellishing opportunity!

Now I can’t say if Michelle Williams, Alexa Chung and Charlize Theron are Gossip Girl fans too, but they are most definitely pay their tributes via sporting some sensational bands on the Red Carpet.

Here are a few tips on how to get their look:


Updo Embellishment

Low chignons and French twists are stunning, classic, and just sometimes, a little on the ‘mature side’. Add some youthful flavour to an up-do with a thicker headband that has some playful embellishments embossed into its design. Now make sure to position your headband after you hair up is complete!

Pixie Perfection

If your hair is short then chunky detailing, bold bows or flowers are going to be way too overpowering for your style. So choose a headband thay is not only delicate and slim, but which lies flat on your head.

Bold Bows

To perfect this look, work with a length of ribbon that is long enough to wrap around your head twice and still form a big bow!

Position the ribbon at the base of your neck, pull the sides up behind your ears and tie in a loose bow. Bobby pin the base of the ribbon for extra support.

For a more modern slant, twist the bow off to one side – irresistibly adorable!

Bigger is BETTER

If you’re going to go big with embellishing your hair then keep in mind that the same rules we apply to jewellery should be kept to! If your going to make a statement with your haidband, then the rest of your look should be simple, so not to compete with your hair – avoid garish patterns or loud colors, and skip earrings and necklaces altogether.

Low-Key Look

A stretchy jersey headband is perfect for edgy, downtown girls and is the perfect way to keep your hair off your face! For a subtle take, try a headband that matches your hair color exactly, or keep thoes well-mussed strands off your face with a knotted band.


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