AirPlay Bar in its basics is a new concept salon in Hong Kong  that is purely a place to have your locks washed and blow-dried!

No cutting, no chemicals, no fuss.

It is literally a one-stop-styling shop!

A new concept that has been bought over from the states, AirPlay Bar is unique in its simple formula and is the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

Located in the heart of Central, at the ‘W Place’ on Wyndham Street, it is an ideal location for those that both work and party in Central Hong Kong.


For me, it poised the answer to my ever vibrant and changing (but questionable) schedule – where to go to go from work-wear to event-gear without having to trek all the way home?!

I arrived at the hugely spacious and lushly nude & pastel perfected salon after a day of meetings, product launches and interviews (hence the sneakers – I was running around ALL day!)

Now with Hong Kong being the unforgiving temperature that it currently is, the heat had not done my appearances any favours – needless to say my appointment with AirPlay Bar was a welcomed event as I desperately needed a stylish shake-up before hitting my final fashion event that same evening.

And this is where AirPlay Bar played the perfect part.

On entrance, the subtle girlish tones allowed for automatic relaxing.

The surroundings where modern, minimal and very boudoir like, giving me the feeling that I just flounced into my own powder room!

But unlike the smallness of your typical powder room, AirPlay has been set out in a manner that allows for a number of guest, who each have the luxury of their own space to spread out in.

A communal styling table is shared by all guests, adding a huge amount of flavour and fun as it’s a place I would highly encourage visiting with girlfriends!

Spread across the AirPlay bar you are able to enjoy conversation across the board as the hair-dryers are powerful, but chit-chat friendly in terms of the noise they make – meaning you’ll never be silenced by the swoosh of heat on your hair!

Now AirPlay bases its visual elements, its menu, its shampoos around the whole theme of cocktail hour – click HERE to view their savvy menu online – highly appropriate considering the majority of AirPlays customers are making moves from work or gym  straight to the dining/drinking scene of Lan Kawi Fong or SoHo – a transition made even easier with AirPlays on hand makeup artists who will touch you up or completely reinvent your look according to what you require (15 minute makeup = $180, 45 minute full service makeup = $380)

It’s girlishness at its best!

With their signature and wonderfully playful cocktail theme, what you’ll find is each treatment or hairup is named after a specific cocktail .

In the menu that you are presented on arrival, you will flick through names like ‘Sea Breeze’- which is an airy, wavy hair blowout, to ‘Mojito’ which is radically more playful, with its signature tropical curls, right through to ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ which leaves your locks looking straight and superbly silky smooth – every treatment has a flavour of its own!

Now the shampoo follows suit too!

Served in delish scents that range from cherry to mandarin and green tea (to name only three out of their impressive collection), the washing process is wonderfully scented with your flavour of choice.

And to keep the sensory stimulation going – Airplay also serve delicate treats of chocolate and fresh fruit along side Prosecco to fuel your pampering.


All blowouts and updos, including the aromic shampooing process in uniquely designed chairs that allow you to sit while your hair is being washed, and fully relax into a position where your beck is completely supported – are $280 and are a brilliant way to take yourself from day to evening without the hassle of heading home in between!


Visit AirPlays Website HERE

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