‘TWELVEoTWO’ – ROUND TWO from the Hong Kong jewellery brand!

  One of my go-to fashion jewellery destinations, the multi brand boutique ‘The 9th Muse’, has recently released  a THIRD collection by ’TWELVEoTWO’! ’TWELVEoTWO’ is a jewellery brand crafted by the two founders of The 9th Muse, Jing Zhang and Charlotte Hang.  Their line is a reflection of their incredible knowledge of the jewellery market […]

MAC: From Editorial to Everyday Makeup

  From Editorial to EVERYDAY – I collaborated with Makeup Artist Ana Darmon of ANA MAKEUP to create two completely different beauty looks (one on a model – one on me) using a seriously dramatic lip gloss from M.A.C’s ‘VAMPIFY’ collection and a cream-based shadow pallet from the ‘Trend Forecast’ collection.     Ana’s aim was to showcase how extremely ‘editorial’ you […]

MAC: November Realeases

  For all you M.A.C enthusiasts out there, here’s a look at the November 2015 product launches!   Starting with Wham-Bam-Beauty Queen MILEY CYRUS as she takes on VIVA GLAM 2… So the lip-stick (HK$155) is described as a “bright orange [with a Matte finish].”  It’s a brightened, medium coral-orange with warm, red undertones and a […]

Pollutants, Sun, Smoke… HELP

  Worried about that lack of sleep, dehydration, eye rubbing and makeup removal telltale signs around you eyes!!? Don’t –  I have you covered! Well… I’ll give you the need-to-know-info, it’s really Benefit Cosmetics with the awesome release of their ‘Air Patrol’ BB cream eyelid primer that will keep you looking bright eyed and super […]

How to FAKE the bright eyed look!

As a new Mummy, I’m fast learning the beauty tricks that transform my tired ‘I was up ALL night with my newborn’ eyes into… well… in all honestly… there’s just no stopping those baby induced bags! But trust me when I say there ARE ways to distract from them! And my go-to product for that: […]