Now there’s a fine line between sexy and slutty and Ladies, so it pays to tread carefully!  An un-balanced step in the wrong direction might have you better suited to the streets of Wan Chai as apposed to a sultry boudoir!  And why take the risk in mis-representing you classy nature, especially when half naked!

MY ADVICE: Spend the time and money on specialized pieces that define your intimately stunning self and DON’T settle for anything less!


An establishment that revolves itself around luxurious creativity, Bubies conceptual undergarments are set around a ‘bra buffet’ theme.
Featuring dishes like ‘Chocolate Cake’, ‘Tiramisu Cappachino’ & ‘Gelato’ these delicious designs are showcased in a delectable way that appeals to a range of our senses.
And taking the buffet theme that one step further Bubies offer ‘Starters’: Simply structured designs, ‘Main Dishes’: Luxurious laces with very La Perla inspired cuts, ‘Desert’: Which are where the treats come out and perhaps my favorite addition to the menu, ‘Side Dishes’: Seductive garters and sexy additionals like eye-masks.

Bubies push the limits on their interior decorating too, not just their design work!  Their bold black birdcages accentuate the stores romantic pink and floral colour scheme, which is very boudoir-like in texture – soft and decadent.  Their subtly lit dining area are adorned with cup cakes, fine china and are a delightful eye-candy, much like their apparel.

They are on Wellington St in Central and should be sought out by females who desire the finer delights in life!

Shop D

Ground Floor

Lucky Building, No 39

Wellington Street

Central, HK

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