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Ladies, it is time to expand your hair styling collection!

Whether your into classic curls, creative curls, Hollywood style waves or a bit of a beach boho vibe, the NEW GHD Curve range has you covered!

GHD has JUST released four different curling devises this season, insuring the perfect curl, and covering EVERY hair type…

Take us #HKFashionBloggers for example – Norbyah of I’m A Norbyah, Ira of Style Kush, Elma of Stylicious, Emma of Dog and Pony Vintage, Sabrina of First Wives Studio, Janet of Jannah Velma Nior and myself – we all have hair of different textures, colours and condition, yet we all realised our full curl potential with the help of the Hong Kong GHD team, who partnered with Airplay to host us in a divinely pampering afternoon of curly innovation.

Along side champagne, girlie giggles, cupcakes and most importantly – CURLS – we got started on our own #CurlDiaries in the most lavish of ways!

Something which you can do too…

(More details on booking a session at AirPlay at the end of this Blog)


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Now I’d love to pass on to you a little expert advice that I picked up at our #HKFashionBlogger Curl Session.

So get those curling tongs in hand Ladies, and follow these tips:


TIP 1: Curl backwards AND forwards! 

If you have short hair like mine, try going a little rocky & unpredictable with those curls!  Aim to create texture and movement with curls of different size and direction to really give your hair some serious attitude!  When you’re using your curling tong, wind some hair towards your face, and some away from the face.  This way you’re giving your hair natural unpredictability that can endure hands being run through it, being wind caught and all shaken up and STILL look like perfection throughout it all.


TIP 2:  Keep your curl at eye level!

Ladies don’t start your curl to close to your scalp – instead, try to line up the first bend of your curl with your eye’s.  This will result in attention being drawn towards your eyes, creating a halo of curls to frame your face properly.


TIP 3: Leave the ends loose!

When curling your hair, resist curling your hair right up to the very end.  Instead, leave a good 2-3cm of hair un-touched by your curling wand or tong.

By doing this you’ll maintain a natural effect, allowing each curl to finish in a natural position that won’t make you look too overly ‘done’.

Now this tip works AWESOMELY with short hair, but can also be done with longer hair.


TIP 4:  Patience my beauties, patience

Now GHD works FAST!  Each section you curl will only need 5-8seconds to create a curl… but it is the styling that may take a little longer.  If you want to brush-through your curls to soften them first WAIT 10min for the curls to calm down, cool down and set – then take a large paddle brush through them all to smooth your hair out for that Glamazon Hollywood look!



If you want your head of hair to stand voluptuously high, then before you start curling hold your wand right at the root, allowing your hair to curve over the wand, creating a little bump just before your curls kick-off.  This saves your from having to back-comb volume into your hair and allows a safe, hair-friendly way of getting lift.


With those little snippets of GDH creative tips, you are seriously set to create easy as curls with GHD’s latest Curve Collection!


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Thank you to Kan Man for the insane amazing photography!



GHD is available at Lane Crawford in Time Square and Canton Road.


To book a group pampering session at AirPlay, click HERE to arrange it

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