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As GHD so elegantly put’s it: ‘Creative Curls’ (A.K.A Messy bed-hair gone GLAM) are more achievable than you would seriously realise with the release of their ‘Creative Curl WAND’.


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The Creative curl wand is the more free-reign curler out of the GHD series and is ideal for the girl that loves things a little dishevelled and perfectly messy… (ME!)

Now beyond easy to power up and use, just like all the GHD instruments, this curler is one of the safest on the market for your hair thanks to the ceramic barrel.  I would still however use ‘curl hold spray’ before getting all creative like with your hair.  It will add a layer for protection as well as insure your curls stay in place for that much longer!

The wand itself has a funky tapered barrel that is oval in shape with slightly flattened side – which results in curls that are beautifully unpredictable in shape.  This shape also allows you to get close to the root of your hair (if starting those crazy curls from the base of your head is your thing!) or if it is just a flick that your wanting, it helps give dimension to the ends of your hair.  Ohhhh and I gott’a add that this free-rein curler is as ideal for short hair as it is for long.

Now to make this product seriously that much slicker (as if it wasn’t already!) GHD has released a stunning PLATINUM series for the festive season.  The curl wand, alongside a number of their other best sellers, comes this Christmas in a chic carry case/storage bag – making it one of those items that sits seriously well under the Christmas tree!


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  • Wash your hair the night before and let it dry naturally as you sleep
  • Curl in any which direction so that the bounce is perfectly unpredictable.
  • Shake it out with your hands and you DONE!


Hows that for a beauty routine – EASY!


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