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Le Jardin De Monsieur Li – a poetically beautiful name to match the latest fragrance by HERMES.
“I remembered the scent of the pools, of the jasmine, the wet stones, the plum trees, the kumquats and the giant bamboo. It was all there, event he carp in their pond. taking the time to live to a hundred.  The Sichuan pepper bushes were as thorny as roses and the leaves gave off a leony scent.  All that remained ws to compose this new garden, one which contained all the others.”
– Jean-Claude Ellena
With a distinctly Asian flavour, HERMES has given us this season a scent that teams beautifully with our Hong Kong surroundings – it is indeed a perfume that accompanies our Asian hub wonderfully.
With a dewy minimalism, Le Jardin De Monsieur is almost an antidote to the concrete craziness that claims every morning in the work rush of Hong Kong.  There is a distinct softness to the scent that does not fight to reign, but instead sit’s delicately on the wearer in a way that induces a relaxing manner.
The versatility of this scent makes it a perfume that can be worn comfortable within a quite formal workplace arena as well as to a more bohemian and ‘after hours’ affair – which I think is allowed via Le Jardin De Monsieur’s androgynous green woody finish, merging these distinctly opposite events with its soft elegance
If you are a fan of mineral notes, a fair lashing of floral sweetness and bright citrus hints – then HERMES has a perfume that will exude confidence and good taste on you when worn!

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100mls || HK$1,030

50mls || HK$720

30mls || HK$495

Moisturising Body Lotion || HK$485

Shower Gel || HK$415


The Lee Gardens SHOP 02-04,
33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong


SHOP 2027, Level 2, Elements,
1 Austin Road West, Tsimshatsui
Hong Kong


Shop 354, the Mall,
Pacific Place,
88 Queensway,
Hong Kong

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