This season, our approach to jackets are widening with the insert of the ‘Sleeveless Jacket’ to the fashionable line-up of what’s hot.

Structured, but sans sleeves, this item is a fantastic option to allow for layering and bringing in a boyish vibe to any outfit without too much effort.

The Sleeveless Jacket can very quickly pull your look together, and all you need to do is throw it over a silk shirt or camisole and voila, you add fantastic amounts of stylish masculinity to any femininely orientated outfit.

And with this season being all about The Boys, any item that gives you hints of masculinity is one to make the most of!

There have been a couple of variations of material and length to hit this seasons most fashionable wardrobes – the most trending being the shorter denim sleeveless jacket, a longer, more structured and suit orientated sleeveless number, and the camo version, which is military based and equal parts practical and fashionable!

To use the Sleeveless Jacket as an accent to this seasons outfits, there are a few things you should keep in mind, here is a list to ensure your hitting the trend straight on…


1) Take on either a ‘Minimalist’ or ‘Rocker’ vibe.

These two style orientations seem to work well for the Sleeveless Jacket.

If minimalism is your preference, then keep the lines of your garments sharp, the angles clear and the fabric structured.

Monotone works best for this look as does minimal accessorising and equally structured hair (try a side part!)

Taking up the more rocker look means that edginess will play a big part in your styling.  Hem lines can be roughed up, layers can be creased and more haphazardly thrown together, and accessories should be staked and spiked to pay tribute to the grungy rockers of our past.

2) Loose the long sleeves.

This look, as the jacket suggests, is sleeveless.

So try and make sure the rest of you outfit follows sync for the ultimate in styling combo.

Now there are a few exceptions to this rule – however if you do divert, expect to loose impact!

While a long sleeved top or Tshirt can be worn underneath a Sleeveless Jacket, the result is a little distracting.

This trend does work best when you make the most of the oversized and dramatic armholes and draw attention to this by wearing something simpler underneath.

3) Open Up!

To avoid taking a style orientation that is too conservative in nature, keep your Sleeveless Jacket un-buttoned.

Doing up all the buttons will sway away from the edgy notion it’s naturally inclined to take on.

4) Balance.

Pay attention to proportions when mixing and matching with a Sleeveless Jacket.

Look for garments that are on the more minimal side when it comes to partnering – mini-skirts work wonders, as of Jeggings and shorts.

Try not to overload your look with garments that are too big and baggy.

Streamline your body for the best impact.

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