Bright shoes, contrasting and POPPING loud are what can be seen on the tootsies of Fashions most well heeled.

Which means, that you should be following in the same rainbow bright steps!

Regardless of whether the shoes come in the form of colour blocking, colour contrasting, or just all over mixed colour – the fact is that this season is one for pure colour.

If your fearful of the styling skills that need to be adapted in order to wear such fashion forward tones – DON’T BE!

The beauty of a bright shoe is that it literally goes with anything this season!


Here’s how…

Now bright shoes don’t necessarily need to be partnered with bright clothing – FACT ONE!


You can indeed rock head to toe print and patterns of the most pop bright of fashions AND match your attire with equally eye-popping shoes of various colours.

But this is definitely a technique taken on more so, by those that walk the fashionable streets during Fashion Weeks – those looking to be snapped by the style paparazzi!


If your just wildly confident, this is something that would be an eye-catching and bold fashion move on the streets of Hong Kong.


If you prefer a more subtle approach to your daily style picks, then there is no reason you cant wear you bright shoes with any of the following mixes…

  • All White
  • Contrast the sleekness with a banging pair of statement heels! White is the perfect canvas to announce your confident love of colour on! Wear a matching lipstick or nail varnish to subtly pull in the head-to-toe harmony and thrive on all the sparky attention you will get!


  • Colour Blocking
  • Choose a base colour from within your colour blocking outfit, and mimic that in your shoes. Since colour blocking is restricted to a maximum amount of 3 colours, then your not going to look like a psychedelic blur of multiple colours.   Keep it slick by wearing a pair of heels that work in with the colours in your attire.


  • If in doubt – ACCESSORIZE
    Now you can be wearing all back, notes of neutrals, stripes or bold and colourful patterns – and STILL be able to merge your outfit choice with a pair of bold heels.BUT, if in doubt – the trick is to accessorize in the same colour as your shoes. Hold a clutch of as equally bright fuchsia as your pumps, or a statement necklace that pulls in the same tangerine as in your shoes. Make the shoes make sense by pairing them with the same colour somewhere else in your attire, whether that is a lipstick, a clutch, a scarf or statement earrings.

Colour isn’t restricting, it can be worn freely and with everything from black to neutrals to head to to prints!

Experiment and have fun!

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