Lindsay Norain is one of Hong Kongs latest fashion designers to add to what is fast becoming a very vibrate local scene of fashion statements and stylish industry insiders.

With an knack for filling the basic but luxurious demand – Lindsay has developed a range of silk shirts, all based on the same pattern but executed in various colours with an array of embellishments.

Lindsay, as a designer, has taken a wardrobe essential – the shirt – and given it a platform in which to shine upon (literally if your looking at here jewel embellished collar shirts!)
And the beauty is that yes, her cut remains the same for this first season of hers.
A tactful approach if you ask me!

One that allows her following to find comfort in her predictability – which might I add you should make the most of this season and stock up on the wide range of colours as come the Summer, Lindsay has a new line with new cuts waiting to be released.
Although don’t fret – her silk obsession (which once you wear one of her shirts you’ll be quick to adapt) will remain in her collection as it continues to site the softness and suppleness of silk.

Here are 5 ways you can wear a silk shirt this season:

1. Tummy Tie
Now the crop top is in – a slight daunting trend for most, but easily achieved with minimal skin on show via a shirt!
Simply leave the last few buttons undone and tie a knot with the ends of the shirt up around your waist line.
The illusion is a cropped top, despite not necessarily having a lot on show!


2. High collar
There’s nothing like a buttoned up collar to show off your latest pendant or neck cuff. ¬†Wear your buttons done all the way up for a conservatively elegant look that will move all focus to your neck jewellery.


3. Subtly sexy
Because of the luxurious movement that silk has, it can dip and drape wonderfully so on your body.  Unbutton your shirt (& wear a plunging bra) for a sexy play on the conservativeness of a typical shirt.


4. Big boys Club
Oversized and boxy is a Tomboys best friend this season!

With Vaughn shirts being but in such a wonderfully classic size you can wear a small OR a large and still make it work for you! With the weather turning humid & hot, why not try an oversized and breathable version for a dramatic and stylishly boyish change?


5. Working Girl
Move your starched and structured classic white work shirt aside and replace it with a slinky silk shirt from Vaughn – it’s an automatic upgrade of femininity and comfort!

Lindsay sells her stunning silk creations on-line at: VAUGHAN – with prices starting at HK$970.

You can also visit Polkadot Boutique in SoHo for the Vaughan range:

Polkadot Boutique
29 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2521 0636

Opening Hours
Monday Saturday: 11am – 8pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

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