A stuffed pheasant, an electric guitar, Elton John sunglasses and glitter pink bowler hats…

The perfect combination that ensures fashion industry peeps put aside their glasses of champagne and their public insecurities and dance for the 9seconds needed to film a ‘flip book’, sporting outrageous accessories!

The result, mass amounts of giggles and laughs with a personalized book as testimony to such behavior.

BTW – where NOT drunk – despite what it may look like – this is pure, un-inebriated fun!

Jasmine Webster (DressMeBlog.Me), Panne Ng (ButterBoom) & Yolande Parry (AnyWearStyle)

Jack from PicFlips taking our crazy antics and turning it into something tangible!

Jack Wills launched their Causeway Bay flagship store with what equated to a Press Party to absolutely remember!
(and coming from someone who’s general week includes at least 4 events during the quieter of times, that’s an educated announcement!)

On arrival I was greeted with a $200 voucher of encouragement to shop that evening – not that I needed the push – I had already made a mental note to purchase a bow-tie and was on a mission!

As were the two fashionista’s (below & above) – note the Jack Wills ‘Red Packets’ in their hot little hands!

So between Go Gourmet serving quaint cones of classically English Fish’n’chips , I searched the many many shelves of accessories in both the Men’s department and the Women’s to find the perfect bow-tie.  Not a hard venture in the preppy stocked store that Jack Wills is.

Needless to say I saw it, bought it and wore it to an event the very next night – my new obsession!

After my missioning around the HUGE store that Jack Wills is, I came across this fantastic time saving device – a wall mounted catalogs of the stores apparel, accessories and all!

Hosting for more than a few familiar fashion faces, beauty blogger, Miss Rach Read was seen purchasing (predictably) Nail Polish…

Event organizing extraordinaire – Annabel – from Quintessentially adds her touches to the Jack Wills event along side her dedicated team.

The Asian Male version of me (hehe – note the white jacket… although he’s already got HIS bow-tie!) Mr Cody Lui, Fashion Editor for ‘Weekend Hong Kong’

#HKFashionBloggers on Mass! Michael Cheung (Fresh Magazine) and friend, Veronica Li (vnikali), Adeline Tjia (Pretty lil Things), Meekay Mo (The Fashion Inbox)

Rach Read

Rach Read and meeee

Casey Lau from Popcorn Network, Elle Lee and Genavieve Alexander from Cohn & Wolfe-ImpactAsia – part of the team behind launching Jack Wills in Hong Kong

Veronica Li (vnikali) and friend

The charming Panne Ng (ButterBoom)

On exit we became one ‘of the team’ with a T-shirt that had me thinking perhaps I should take up tennis… My cat, illy, in true model form – saw the T-shirt as a photo opportunity – a true stylists pet!

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