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Cloth diapers.

I know, I know – they scream of extra work and hours labouring over the laundry basket – a tiresome task we associate with OUR parents generation – BUT –  take a look at a few of these disposable diaper facts before I launch into why my household chose to use CHARLIE BANANA cloth nappies…

– One child uses approximately 6,000 disposable diapers by the age of 24 months – this results in ONE TON of rubbish!  Nasty!

– Disposable diapers take over 500 years to decompose, and no one is even sure if they ever fully break down.

– Parents are supposed to remove the solids from a disposable diaper and flush them down the toilet. Yep!  It is true!  This rarely happens of course, so the solids end up in landfills and the bacteria associated contaminates the ground water – a HUGE threat to wildlife and the surrounding ecosystem.

These are only three facts (amongst many) but three that have a huge impact on the cleanliness of our world AND the reason’s behind our family’s decision to go eco-chic and use cloth diapers.

Now do keep in mind the Smith household is a busy one!  We count every precious moment we have and are very conscience about how we spend our time, which makes the modern cloth nappies, with their designer snap closures, easy to remove inserts and ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy, uber luxe in comparison to the cloth nappies of the past (and perfect for our forever on-the-go family)!



Our household invested in approx 30 Charlie Banana nappies, cloth wipes, cloth liners, bamboo liners, tote bags, washing bags and washing detergent – a notable financial input at the time, but one that we won’t have to repeat for three years as the diapers are designed to grow as out Little Lady, Isabella Zia, does.  In the long run we have spent a lot less on cloth diapers in comparison to what disposable would have cost us.

Now cloth diapers do take a little more effort than your standard disposable diaper.  This tiny (and I mean tiny!) extra effort for us is well worth it when it comes to reducing the plastic build-up that people so absentmindedly contribute too.

The financial up side was absolutely a bonus for us also and I have to say, I adore the designs and prints that Charlie Banana launch!  These fashion-centric designs enable us to keep to the ecco-chic fashion values of our household.  If I can buy something super cute AND do so in an environmentally aware manner – I’ll do it for sure!

Ohhhhh now the freshness and friendliness that the diapers have on the baby’s skin is just awesome too – our little one has slightly sensitive skin so the material makes a notable difference to keeping nappy rash at bay.


So Muma’s – think about it!


A modern Mum needs to be aware of the environment she is bringing her little one up in, and the ways in which she is maintain the beauty of this world for the generations to come.

FACT: HONG KONG – did you know Charlie Diapers are a product of our country!  Another reason to support Charlie Banana and our local designers!



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