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Confrontational in the most visual of ways, AURZA comprises their fashion line in a way that works DIRECTLY with your body – its curves, bone structure, positioning…

Not to be mistaken with ‘made-to-measure’, which is a numeric based pattern making system that builds garments based on a set of numbers you provide the tailor (usually chest, waist, hip) – what AURZA have created is a system called ‘made-to-SHAPE’.

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Co-Founders of the e-commerce site AURZA, Stephanie Holland and Jessica Stephans have developed their base patterns on information complied from over 10,000 3D scans of the female body.  This information provides some of the most accurate detailing of our body shapes, of which far surpasses any other the fashion industry currently has.
Now this is not to say basic measurements aren’t used or important in the AURZA process – it’s just to say they are simply an addition to the overall intelligence that goes into the process of creating the perfectly fitted garment (for each individual client).

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As a keen observer of the female body and its relationship with clothes, I am ever watching women of various shapes, structure and size struggle to find garments that ease onto the particular form of their body without the tell-tale signs of mass production (gaping arm holes, disproportionate necklines, creases and folds in places where a streamline silhouette should be expected).  More often than not, I watch as my Personal Shopping clients compromise fit for fashions sake.
Holland & Stephans obviously have done the same, hence the development of their wonderfully tech-savvy and fit-perfected fashion line.

“We wanted that capsule wardrobe that every fabulous person, except us, has.  We wanted to take anything from our wardrobe, wear it and feel fabulous.  We didn’t want to do the thing where all of our clothes are on the bed and we declare (read, scream) “I have nothing to weeeeeaaaarr”.  We wanted to shop online and be confident of quality and fit.  We wanted to have a personal relationship with a brand that wouldn’t let us down.
We decided to take action.  For us, our husbands, our friends and you… And so AURZA was born.”

When AURZA and I decided to collaborate for this blog, we did so from the very heart of their business strategy – the 3D lab.
I took part in what 10,000 women have before me and undressed in a white futuristic cubical and stood (relaxed and in my natural posture) in order to be scanned by lasers.
The scan resulted in a fantastic 3D form of my (newly pregnant) body and from that the satin maxi dress I chose from the AURZA on-line store was moulded to fit me perfectly.
Now admittedly, due to my figure being in constant change at the moment and with a belie that seems to grow bigger by the minute, I chose a style that I was going to be able to wear longer than what a more form fitting number would.
And as promised, the fit was perfection on.

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A few details that I love about what AURZA is providing, besides the obviousness of an ideal fit, are things like:

– A Classic Collection –
AURZA have complied a collection of base garments, all which can be altered in terms of colour and material used – that are considered ‘basics’ or ‘classics’ in a wardrobe.  Meaning that they transcend seasons and can be ‘fashionable’ year in and out with a few quick accessories changes to bring out the ‘current style’ of the season you wear them in.
I adore the simplicity of this notion!  The perfect fitting dress that will last for years – YES PLEASE!

– A Mature Understanding –
Another fabulous attribute, is that this brand is pitched towards the 30’s+.
The women who confidently understand their body, its perfect imperfections, and likewise, their unique fashion style.
These women are the ones that the mass brands like ZARA, Top Shop and Club Monaco often side-step – more suited to the trendsetting twenty year olds – but AURZA like to celebrate!  So the branding, the on-line boutique, the silhouettes are geared towards this age group.

Now after all the technology inspired pattern making and the unique self customisation that’s available on-line, Aurza STILL comes in at an affordable price range.

Selling at HK$1,300 to HK$2,600 AURZA is a fashionable luxury that’s available to everyone.

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