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My husband and I share a bathroom – we have duel sinks, we squeeze toothpaste from the same tube, we line our fragrances up side-by-side.

We take a more androgynous direction when it comes to bathroom products, an attitude that seems to come with the small Hong Kong territory – and with sharing!  (He doesn’t want to smell like roses just like I don’t want to smell like musk!)

We are always on the lookout for neutral colours and scents that don’t favour any one sex, products that instead compliment us both – making the arrival of ‘Maison Caulières’ a welcomed one!

‘Maison Caulières’ is a body care range that takes on a genuine holistic approach.  The focus indigents of the range – sunflower, rapeseed and linseed – (note that non of these are overtly feminine or masculine!) have been farmed by the Caulières Family for over 250 years on what are lush agricultural lands consisting of 200 hectares, a classical style castle, stables, woods, and beautiful farm houses: the very emblem of the French way of life.

Each Maison Caulières product contains the complex of 3 extra virgin Caulières oils:

  • Extra Virgin Rape Bark Oil: Naturally high in Omega 6 essential fatty acids not synthesized by the body, it has a regenerating and restructuring effect on the skin.
  • Extra Virgin Linseed Oil: A golden coloured vegetable oil with a fruity aroma. Particularly high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids not synthesized by the body, it has a regenerating and restructu using effect on dry skins.
  • Extra Virgin Sunflower Almond Oil: A lightly coloured vegetable oil with a fruity hazelnut aroma. Naturally high in oleic acid, it has a nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Visually, the Caulières line is a modern reflection of the Four Seasons.  These awesomely scented products are packaged in a brightly hued lime green, bright orange, fuchsia pink and royal blue with the family crest stamped upon the line – a proud visual representation of how far the families love for organic production and well-being has come!


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PRODUCT:  Envolée Légère Brume Hydratante Corps – Moisturizing Body Mist (HK$650 / 100ml)

DESCRIPTION: An extremely light milky mist gently sprayed on the skin to bring an immediate sensation of freshness and moisturizing.

USE: Spray the whole body generously in the morning after washing or any time during the day for a renewed freshness.

CONTAINS:  The nourishing and protective trio of extra virgin Caulières oils.



PRODUCT:  Tourbillon Végétal Huile De Bain Lactescente – Milky Bath Oil (HK$660 / 100ml)

DESCRIPTION:  Poured in water, this oil enriched with flower petals changes into a soft milky bath, nourishing the skin on a long-lasting basis.

USE:  Pour the oil into the bathwater and stir gently until you get a milky bath. For more efficiency, do not rinse then dab dry.

CONTAINS:  The nourishing and protective trio of extra virgin Caulières oils and rose petals.



PRODUCT:  Le Temps d’Un Songe Bougie Parfumée – Scented Candle (HK$720 / 185g)

DESCRIPTION:  A scented product that has a mineral base that gently diffuses a warm and voluptuous fragrance, inspired by the summer fields overflowing with sun, flowers and pollen, creating a solar and sensuous atmosphere.

USE:  In order to enjoy the candle best, it is recommended to burn it until its whole surface is liquid.


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Maison Caulières is exclusively available at Joyce Beauty:

Joyce Beauty
G/F New World Tower
G106, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City 152 Pacific Place, Admiralty
Lane Crawford ifc mall
Lane Crawford Times Square
Lane Crawford Canton Road

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