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NAME:  Andy Wong

OCCUPATION: Hair Colourist at QG Private i



ABOUT:  Hair colour is complicated.

And that’s the simple reasoning behind why there are professionals who make a career out of the hair dyeing techniques and why we shouldn’t try it at home!

As easy as a box brought from a Chemist or Supermarket makes it look, and as glamorous and rich the colour on the front may seem – trust me, it is deceiving and it will never turn out the way you expect!  Not to mention that self-colouring has a drying effect that will only ruin your hair over time.


If you do have the tendency to reach for the box, ask yourself;  “Are you a warm or cool tone, or how many stages should there be between being an ash blonde and a dark brunette?  Can you tell if you’d make a great blonde and if so, what’s the rule of thumb with hair tones and skin tone matches!?  What does ‘dark/medium/light brown’ actually mean?”

And if you can’t answer any of these with accurate confidence – or understand the ingredient on the back of the packet – then leave it to the pro’s!


For those who follow my on-line life, then you will know I’m one for change!

Any colour or tone, no matter how dark or how light – I’ll give it a go.  There’s a freedom in not feeling the restriction of ALWAYS remaining a blonde (which I am naturally), and Andy Wong is the colour technician that I trust completely to take move me away from any thing expected.

He has taken me from a highlighted blonde to a dark ombre, we’ve tried strawberry blonde, fire engine red, purple and various shades in-between and every time I swear it’s my favourite colour!


Andy has a superb eye for colouring.  So for example, when it comes to my hair, he takes into consideration my eye colour, skin tone, natural hair base colour, fashion fad colours of the hair industry and applies all this to his innate sense of how his chemical colour mixtures will react once on my hair texture and condition.  And all this combined  is what makes him superb!

He has a creative sense but a scientific application and these together dub him as one of Hong Kongs most trusted colourists.


If you’re looking to work with a colourist that can create a defined ‘look’ for you that  in turn will make your digital profile stand out, then I suggest finding a hair colourist that you can work with long term.

Someone that you trust to make the changes necessary to upgrade your look form ‘classic’ to ‘noticeable’.


Andy Wong, Senior Colourist at Four Seasons Hotel Spa (QG Private i) and I have been working together now for close to 1year, and I totally suggest booking in with him for a consultation if your looking to bring some life into your look.

Now, he won’t always choose a dramatic look for his clients as he did with me – he’s one for merging in with personalities.  So regardless of whether your wanting a few highlights to lighten your hair or a complete colour change – he’s you guy!


To book in with Andy, contact the salon directly on: 2521 0070




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