Shoes with no socks – now it is a trend that makes the most sense in Summer, but it continues to play its part during the colder days as a styling technique that the males seem to be loving!


Men going sockless does hold a manner of ‘The Devil May Care’ reckless fashionability to it – it is a styling choice that needs to be done in exactly the right manner to ensure that one doesn’t look like he’s simply forgotten to do the washing that week.


Now to make sure you ace this rule breaking fashion trend, men you need to keep in mind that…





To avoid blisters, sweaty squelching when walking and a slippery mess – wear what are best known as ‘Sockets’ or ‘No-Show Socks’.

Designed to hug your heal and toes but stay totally un-seen, they will make sure your ankles are still on shown maintaining that rakish no-sock look while ensuring that all your sweat is absorbed and uncomfortable abrasions minimised.




Now although the idea is to portray a look of minimal effort and stylised shoe wearing, the reality is that although your not wearing socks, you are going to have to make up for that with powder, patches and insoles!

Powder: Sprinkling a small amount (baby powder will do, or head to a sports shop if your prefer) into your shoes helps with absorbing moisture – you don’t want to be slipping and sliding in stride due to foot sweat!

Patches: No socks does have the downside of increased blisters.  Your best way to avoid these is to place a preventative patch (‘Mannings’ do great gel-like plasters especially designed for blisters) on the areas you suspect will rub.

Insoles: A cloth insole will not only absorb sweat but does also work to eliminate foot odour.  It’s a way of keeping your feet cool and clean throughout the day.




Skinny trousers is a fail-safe style to wear with shoes and no socks.

Absolutely avoid baggy pants or the carrot cut (saggy around the bottom and super skinny at the cuffs) due to these styles simply looking ridiculously unbalanced with no socks and shoes.

If your not one for the skinny pant, then work with these measurements: Pants with a circumference of no less than 13 and no greater than 15 inches = perfection!

Slim cut chino’s, which sit close around the buttocks, slim around the thigh and calf with a slight kick at the hem are a style that are ideal for the ‘Shoes with no Socks’ look.

Just make sure that the base of your trouser sits around two inches from the rim of your shoe, exposing the start of the ankle, and you’ll have this look perfectly in order.


Men try to get this look in as much as you can during Hong Kong’s Autumn days while the temperature still allows!



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