Sneakers up until this season have been a compromise.

In the past they have (or seriously should have!) been restricted to the gym, walking the dog or any activity that rotates itself around physical outings.

Sneakers, as comfortable as they are and as much as the yogi’s of this world or the physios try to convince us, have NOT been the style of shoe that could be worn in a fashionable sense. You did ‘sport’ in them – not shopping, not brunching, not dining – SPORT.

And so the ‘compromise’ was that throughout all these breath taking, heart thumping activities – your feet were always cushioned in the comfortable structure that sneakers lend themselves too.

They looked as bad as they felt good.

However, whether it was the Olympics that lead the fashion off track and onto the more sportier side of trends – or if it was the Queen of casual/cool, Isabel Marant who re-invented the sneaker, merging it with both the height of heels and the statement of serious fashion – the outcome is that the streets are now walked in pure comfort without loosing any fashionable values!

Sneakers, with or without inbuilt platforms, are one of this seasons most raging micro-trends!

With the laid-back vibe of Velcro tennies, classic high-tops, (you MUST make sure they are high-tops BTW – no low bearing, ankle biting sneakers fit this trend!) are making major sartorial statements.

From Reebok (their collaboration with pop-dive Alisha Kees is my personal fav, and with two pairs from both last and this seasons collab – they are currently all I live/walk/fashionize in!) to Nike, to Puma and as mentioned, to the high street designers – it’s not just the sport orientated brands that are taking to promoting fashion and comfort all in one shoe!

A trend that is surprisingly easy to wear, and doesn’t take a Gym Bunny to perfect, is this one.

Team your high-tops with a pair of leggings or skinny-jeans, which will emphasis the bulkiness of the shoes, which in turn makes your legs look slimmer. A clear advantage when the hight that heels usually give is not in the picture.

These proportions are one reason the high-top works as a seasonal statement piece – the skinny illusion is really what we’re all after!

However, as perfect a partner as skinny jeans are, never underestimate the fabulousness of pairing your sneakers with a skirt.

Being on the quirkier side of this trend, it’s absolutely one for the more confident of dressers, but when paired – ohhhhh how it makes heads turn!

Simply keep your lines clean and your attire more ‘sporty’- think sweatshirt, varsity jacket, cap – and you’ll be the one the fash-pap want to pounce!

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