Harper's Bazaar Women Of the Year Awards 2011


Not quite a bag, and not quite a ring; Alexander McQueen presents us with a statement clutch that is also, quite sensible!

His “Knuckle Duster Clutch”, with trademark skull motif and a Swarovski crystal-adorned finger embellishment is strictly for evenings – especially those that are laced with more cocktails than necessary and a party crowd that has you pulling in your stomach – not for postures sake, but instead to simply try and slip through the crowd!  With this clutch you will never again loose if left at your table (while your on the dance-floor), drop (spilling those personal items for for all to see – cringe!), or miss-place (most commonly in a taxi on the early morning ride home)!

Due to the clutches ingeniously finger clamping handle – it remains semi-permanently fixed to YOU!

And like I mentioned, the ornate ring details accessorizes you in an instant – no jewelery required – ideal for the not so timely person who needs to rush to evening affairs.  With the Alexander McQueen clutch, half your time can be saved simply by slipping it onto your fingers and leaving as is – still gorgeous and not under-dressed by any means!

Now this clutch does make quite a sensible statement – however it quite equally resembles a powerful evening accessory that does more harm than just looking good!
Now in club situations, ladies, I’m sure you can think of many benefits of a knuckle duster!  However I’m sure the fashion icon McQueen did in no way, wish to condone heavy handed activities – but instead reference strength and beauty and their fusion into the modern woman.

Now how best to wear one of these weapon-cum-clutches?  With your evenings best of course!  Think statement shoulders, mini’s and black!
And now Beyonce in “Girls Rule the World” or her equally femininely powerful “Single Ladies” should be your theme track for the night!  Beyonces’ empowering anthems are absolutely what you should put on your iPhone post night out (for the taxi ride) or blast from you home speaker while strutting around your bedroom practicing your saunter and pulling pouts!


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