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This “Wardrobe on Demand” has fast become the missing aspect of my sartorial life I didn’t know was so essential to any Fashion enthusiast until I started using PAKT!


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Essentially a fancy storage facility (but SO MUCH MORE in reality, do read on…) I initially signed up for PAKT’s services out of sheer necessity!

Hong Kong being the small space it is doesn’t lend to very wardrobe prioritised living.  Which is more than unfortunate for any Fashionista who values the longevity of the wardrobe they invest in.

The tiny thin wire coat hangers I had to expose my silk tops to where recking havoc on the delicate material – but I needed to maximise the small space I was allocated so compromises like this couldn’t he helped.  My gowns ended up being rolled up in tissue paper and stacked next to my shoes at the base of my wardrobe and my socks shared space with my skirts.  The FINAL straw for me however, was my wrinkled leathers which came out from under my bed last Winter looking horrifically mistreated and crinkled… All because I HAVE NO SPACE!

And so – my beautiful relationship with PAKT began!

PAKT representatives came to my house and delicately handled my beloved clothing with the softest white gloves – the smallest of many of the details that demonstrates their care of clothing.  My wardrobe items were shortly after whisked away to a 24hrs air-conditioned storage facility which is monitored closely so that it’s not so damp your leathers get old, but not too dry either as they don’t want your leather cracking!  From there the team at PAKT went through each and every item, noting its condition, its colour and designer, and photographed each item on a mannequin, uploading all the information on-line.  Which meant I suddenly found myself with a VIRTUAL WARDROBE!

With my garments quite literally only a click away, I could have anything I had stored with PAKT delivered to me whenever and wherever I might be in Hong Kong, right in time for any event I may have.

So now my beloved wardrobe is treated BETTER than I could grant it at my house – I’m have a wonderfully sophisticated and modern virtual wardrobe and I can have whatever I want when I want with the added perks of a ‘Clothes Spa’ (dry-cleaning, ironing or steaming and even mending!) services pre-delivery.

With packages that start from HK$899, payment is calculated on the space you need as well as the services you require.

To get an estimate of what this may be for you, click HERE and put in request based on how many items you want to store.  And don’t feel limited to clothing!  PAKT also beautiful stores shoes in their specially designed boxes, handbags are given the space they deserve as well as items as big as a wedding dress and as small as your winter gloves!

Now you can also SHARE, SELL and DONATE via this incredible platform – a side of PAKT that deserves a Blog all unto itself!  So I will leave you on this note and encourage all of you to visit the PAKT website for freedom in space and in fairness to your clothes!


So – Here’s how it works…




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