Now baring your tummy took center stage in places like Australia and California last year due to the naturally strong beach culture already established.

But for us city bound in Hong Kong, stepping out into the concrete streets of central in a barely there, midriff top was a fashion trend that seemed less appropriate than trendsetting in our urban culture.

Designers seemed to have taken note however, and a new range of tummy baring tops are being released this season.

The key to this seasons change is the length.

While the first generation of 2000’s crop-tops were sent out revealing more than their fair share of stomach – the bare skin has been minimized so that now, the key-look is simply a slither of stomach.


This season it’s all about giving a hint!

Skin on show is expected to be only slight, making this trend now a Hong Kong adaptable one.

Our city-scape is now the perfect backdrop to showcase this not as daring but still slightly risque look.


Now it does still hint on decades long gone, so to keep the look modern, keep it smart!

It’s not a look that does well in a sloppy T or loose denims.

Style in a sophisticated and structured manner.  Lending the look its rightful position on the high fashion tier.


High wasted skirts and tops can also help bridge the gap, easing the amount of skin on show.

As a trend that takes a lot of confidence – but not necessarily a flat stomach due to the more forgiving proportions, don’t dismiss the cropped trend too fast!

Work the detailing rights and you may find that this edgy flash of skin not only puts you at the forefront of the Tastemakers but is more subtle in it’s allure and just the right amount of sexy than initially expected!

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