The idea is sexy,” says Vogue’s Fashion Market/Accessories Director, Virginia Smith. “A women falling out of bed with her boyfriend’s pajama shirt on and running out the door to work.”

And that’s the way that this seasons Pajama Top trend is described.

Now we have had our far share of silk and oversized Pajama-styled-pants strut the globes most fashionable streets and looking more stylish than sleepy.

It’s a trend that has made its appeal to the mainstream and won!

A style now stoked in stores like ZARA, it is indeed a night-to-day garment that has broken out of its bedroom restrictions and successfully established itself as appropriate street wear.

And now it seems its perfect match, the pajama TOP now seeks the same lime light!

Now as daring as this pajama trend might seem, one thing that it does have going for it is its comfort!

Director of Special Events Sylvana Soto-Ward says, “They’re comfortable and light, and a bit romantic at the same time.”

Bypass the winter flannelette, and look for stark cottons or silk numbers that yes, look exactly like a PJ top – oversized and slouchy with minimal decorations.

Admittedly, this trend is one for the more daring of fashion followers, not everyone can pull this look off with their dignity intact.

It’s slightly offbeat,” says Valerie Boster, Vogue’s Bookings Editor.

And she’s right!

A trend that not be as well accepted as the pajama pants, but one that’s worth keeping your eye on and trailing if the mood/occasion/top suits!

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