Now THIS is why you should WAX

  I upgraded my part-wax-part-shave beauty regime to ALL WAX last Summer – and the commitment to the hairless cause couldn’t be a better one! So read on ladies, I have the TOP 5 reason’s YOU need to follow suit and see the beauty technicians at NU Waxing Workshop…     1) YOU CANT CUT YOURSELF IF YOU WAX! Let’s […]

Why WAXING Works

Shaving your bikini line – it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s immediately effective BUT the aftermath is troublesome!  More often than not shaving results in ingrown hairs, itchy patches, unsightly re-growth… And I close my case there! That alone should be reason enough NOT to pull out a razor and attempt to tidy yourself up.  Let […]

The word of mouth is not ‘OUCH’!

Different countries have different orientations towards the way in which a woman maintains her hair ‘down there’. Arab, Turkish, and Persian women consider any hair at all socially UNACCEPTABLE, a concept shared by the racy L.A beauties who live by a no-hair policy. You’ll find the Parisian tendencies lean towards the opposite end of the […]