The Fitting Room By GRANA

  After the huge success that the fashion label GRANA had after a recent series of Hong Kong hosted ’Pop-Up-Shops’, the brand has since opened their own ‘Fitting Room’. Not be be mistaken as a boutique, ‘The Fitting Room‘ is quite literally a place where their customers can try on their garments, ordering on-line right there and […]

Kaftans by KAPRICE

A name easily found in Spa Boutiques scattered across the Maldives, Italy and South East Asia, KAPRICE is synonymous with resort wear glamour. Designed with extravagant elegance in mind, KAPRICE focuses its designs around exotic prints, delectable silks, flowing hem lines and clean cut necklines. A combination that lends to a look which is both […]

Silk & Lace Slips… for the day!

Nearing on naughty, a micro-trend that is currently merging into mainstream is that of wearing a lace and silk slip. Usually reserved for the bedroom, but this F/W is on show & in public! This rather tongue-in-cheek trend is a hard one to perfect, but when done right makes a ravishing statement of both confidence […]

Tying a Winter SILK SCARF

Winter is well known for wrapping up warm – but here in Hong Kong, where the weather doesn’t get that cold, all oversized and seriously warming wool scarves just aren’t always needed. But – it is always nice to replicate the ‘look’ of winter. So an alternative to this practical fashion dilemma is to swap […]