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Little Things In Life is all about high-quality organic skincare and make-up for sensitive skin.

They handpick beautifully skin friendly products from the US, New Zealand, Australia, UK, South Africa and Malaysia – all of which are sourced specifically to help deal with Hong Kong’s harsh environment: pollution, chemicals, sweltering humidity and drying air conditioning, as well as typical lifestyle byproducts like sleep deprivation and aging.

Founded in 2013, Little Things in Life HK is lovingly run by two allergically unfortunate sisters obsessed with sensitive skincare, these products can be ordered off their WEBSITE

The 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil is my particular FAV – and is part of their ‘ORGANIC CHRISTMAS TRAVEL SET’  which I highly recommend!

For those who value cruelty-free organic product’s then Little Things In Life is going to be able to supply you with personally tested and approved products to ensure beautiful, healthy skin!


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This Blog’s products were sponsored by The Little Things In Life


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