Metallics are being seen used all over the sartorial pallet this season.
Shorts, shoes, dresses and jeans are all being sent down the catwalks and likewise, the fashionable streets of the city centres we style-stalk, in flashy materials with the ultra sheen and precious metal influence.

Metallics are a must-have.
And also, one of the easiest tones to pull into any day or night outfit this season.

Now metallics might seem more on the formal side, simply due to the fact that they are shiny – a component we usually associate with the night, where as matte is a more day-time finish.
But this season, metallics can be worn with day or night – the choice comes down to the style of the bag

For example, a box bag, with its strong lines and bulky look makes for a fabulous day bag in silver or bronze (this seasons metallics also venture into gold, yellow, amber, pink… An array of colour choices!)
Its size means that you can still fit your daily essentials plus some in, and its design, with its long shoulder strap that looks perfectly placed when strung diagonally over one shoulder… All elements that lead to bei appropriate for day time wearing.
The style of the bag denotes where/when it is worn more so that the colour

A miniature box clutch however, with the way it sits neatly in the palm of one hand, is ideal for the gorgeousness of the evening. ┬áThe standout shine of a metallic overlay on the box clutch makes it wonderfully suited to a gowns and cocktail dresses and doesn’t pull attention away from your evening tire by being too large

The colour is undeniable one of the most spectacular of the season with is chic shine – the way you wear it and where completely depends on the shape of the bag.




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