The evolution of the #Selfie has taken us from the happy(self)snappy hand-held iPhone pic (which first went mainstream in 2013), to the uber self-centric and totally re-touched versions of 2016.  Which, as a Blogger, I am admittedly all about.

Now I can’t ‘SMIZE’ (Smiling with your eyes. You squint slightly, raise the eyebrows, and leave the mouth neutral) like Joan Small or create a ‘SPARROW FACE’ (teeth showing ever so slightly) like Chrissy Teigen – but I can show you a trick or two when it comes to capturing yourself for that ultimate #SELFIE, #OOTD, or in my case, full length images showcasing second hand clothing to be sold on PAKT’s ‘Showroom’ platform…

In basics, I hired a photography studio and the photography gear (lights, camera, remote, software) then self-snapped using a digital remote.

The images synced directly to my computer (using the ‘Phase One’ software) making transferring, storing and editing a breeze – no waiting, no external team, just me, my camera and a few extra’s, all of which I got from ‘ONE STOP DIGITAL‘.

Now ‘ONE STOP DIGITAL‘ is a Hong Kong based photography platform which bases itself out of The Hive in Kennedy Town.

I spoke directly with the owner, Brent Pottigner (his email is at the end of this blog), explaining what I wanted to do (achieve the ultimate selfie) and he sorted me out with the rest by not only recommending the gear that would work best for what I needed, but he also set it up for me, downloaded the software I needed and was on hand (just down the hall in his office) if I needed any help.  This meant that ultimately, all I literally had to do was push the button on the remote control and voila – the pro photo was taken!

This is what I hired:

– Phase One Camera
– Capture One Software
– Digital Remote
– Profoto Studio Lighting
PRICE: HK$1,500

Looking to upgrade your #SELFIES or Blog images, then chat to:

BRENT POTTINGER – for all the photography needs:



ABOVE: The process of self-snapping.

BELOW: The outcome


TIP:  For those embarking on shooting themselves – I also placed a full length mirror just to the side of the camera set-up to help with posing.  Being able to watch what I was doing enabled me to work faster, more efficiently and confidently.

Jasmine Smith of DressMeBlogMe for PAKT -22

Jasmine Smith of DressMeBlogMe for PAKT -10

Jasmine Smith of DressMeBlogMe for PAKT -11

Jasmine Smith of DressMeBlogMe for PAKT -18


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