[Tweet “”When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” “] – Carmen Chan‘s mantra and inspiration for her recent ‘Universe Collection’, a jewellery line that showcases her skills as a designer and encourages wearers to find empowerment from the Universe.

Which really is a large scale objective from the smallest of accessories!  And yet with Carmen’s very distinct stone choices, the wearers of her collection are ever brought back to her belief in nature.



Using unusual stones that have a rare extraterrestrial background, Carmen has worked intensively to harness the beauty of the Universe via semi-precious stones by the likes of ‘Drusy’, ‘Rock Quartz’, ‘Sun stone’, ‘Rainbow Moon stone’, and ‘Chrysocolla’.  Collected fro all around the globe – Africa, Brazil, India, Thailand and the USA, Carmen engaged herself in creating a collection of ten rings and four earrings which are all focused on reminding the wearer of the beauty of the Universe.




The Hong Kong born and raised dreamer, designer, and lover of all things beautiful, dedicated herself to half a year spent studying astronomy in attempt understand what it was she wanted to harness and project via her jewellery.

Carmen believes that “nature leads you to become who you are step by step. Faith within is an empowerment and I want my wearers to feel empowered.”  and has created The Universe Collection in reflection of her current spiritual and emotional stance.


You can explore Carmen Chan’s collection at the newly opened ‘Ally & Rachelle’ at PMQ (5 Aberdeen Street in Central, Hong Kong) where Carmens collection works in with the dark, light, feminine and flirtations facets of the fashion and lifestyle store.


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