The simple tuck has got a bad rep.

It started sometime ago, around your schooldays when (If you were one of the school uniform wearers) untucking your shirt was a sign of rebel, a symbol of cool. Having your shirt tucked in at any other time, albeit when you had to, was akin to double strapping your bag in terms of schoolyard sin. Enforced by the school bully, atrocities like these were deemed unforgivable and punishments dolled out could be severe.

Today we have jobs, with a monthly salary comes a dress code, which most of the time consists of a suit, a tie and a shirt, tucked in of course.  However we still live with the imprint of our yesteryears and once we clock out we attempt to “unsmarten” ourselves, by loosening the tie or pulling out the shirt. Why do we do this? Our schoolyard tyrant is nowhere to be seen.

Today the tuck is back, bringing with it a sophisticated cool, inherent of days gone by when men would never be caught looking disheveled in any way, shape or form. Simple brainwashing will still have you holding on to the rough and ready look of the 90’s movie anti-hero. However, today’s hero, whilst still maintaining his roguish demeanor, dresses like a gentleman and saves the world in style.

To get you to fully embrace this, I need to go back in history and start with the hardest tuck to pull off, the simple Tee. For all those naysayers out there please cast your eye over the next few names and their pictures. Mr. James Dean, Mr. Marlon Brando and Mr. Steve McQueen.

ABOVE: James Dean

ABOVE: Marlon Brando

ABOVE: Steve McQueen

There are really no finer examples of cool men. Still today, they grace posters and are worshipped by many.  All have sported the tucked in white tee.  Now, this is not an easy look to pull off. Sit-ups do need to be done. It only really works with plainer Tees so if you are currently tucking in that slogan tee, untuck it now……and burn it.

Here are some modern takes on the look.

Next up, the Polo shirt. For those of you who still can’t get their head around the tucked in tee, this might be easier for you to digest. Again we scour the books of history to find some images of cool men sporting this look.

Coming in and weighing a truly tremendous amount of cool is the undisputed heavy weight of cool Mr. Sean Connery as James Bond.  He may be stranded on a desert island, but he makes sure he dresses appropriately in the presence of a lady.

Here we have, undoubtedly, one of the biggest ambassadors of men’s fashion today, Mr. David Beckham, featured in a shoot for Fantastic Man, one of the leading men’s fashion magazines today.

Last, but by no means least and the easiest tuck to pull off, the shirt.  We all do it for the office and wedding, why not give it a spin after hours and at the weekend. It’s the perfect way to instantly transform an outfit.

Here are some examples of different ways to do the shirt tuck after you’ve punched out.

With that, I sign off for the day. Go out there, dare to be different and tuck it in once in a while.

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