It’s uber cool in an old-school kinda way – wearing a varsity jacket!

A vibe that is not too far off what converse brings to the fashionable forefront – varsity jackets are adding a touch of sporty flare to this seasons blog posts, paparazi street fashion snaps, fashion week tents and magazine editorials… So why not add your wardrobe to that list too!?

Leather jackets and boyfriend blazers aside, A/W’12 is being defined by an athletic approach to the Tomboy styling that is shaping this season’s must-wear trends – and a varsity jacket is right at the top of the picks!

Now you don’t actually have to be in varsity OR be sporty to wear it – you just have to style the look right!

Here’s a few sartorial tips to keep you slick when sporting this look:


  1. Keep the colours MODERN

Ox-blood Red, Navy, classic black and white – keep to colour that represent THIS season and leave that mustard and green number you once wore with your running tracks in your childhood closet!

  1. Play off the old-school

Partner your varsity jacket with something equally as preppy – an oxford button-down shirt for example. Even a classic white-T will have you looking editorially on-key with this trend!

  1. Go minimal for maximum cool

Minimize your layering – to keep from looking like your quite literally coming from sports practice, bulked up and budging at the seams. Make sure your attire is sleek and chic! Think pencil tight skirts, cigarette pants and skinny jeans – go minimal for maximum cool!

  1. Opposites Attract

Contrast that Tom-Boyishness of the varsity jacket with the girlish charm of being super cute!

A fit-and-flare dress will ensure your contrasting correctly – as would some high-wattage accessories and lavishly curled locks!

  1. Drape it

Never underestimate the power of a jacket-cum-cape!

Drape your varsity jacket delicately over your shoulders, carry a clutch and top your outfit with a pair of ultrasleek stilettos and – DONE! You’ve mastered the look!


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