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VINIGA – a brand that dedicates itself to minimal luxe and a beautifully technically attuned creative direction – and it is all on my top list of Hong Kong based brand’s that you’ve got to know about!!

Now I want to say I’m currently obsessed with VINIGA… but the truth is I’ve been wearing the brand for years and years (hence the hair colour change mid-blog!)

A number of the glam-rock infused dresses, all in black silk organza of course, sit in my wardrobe – coming out on a regular basis as a perfect accompany to my RAVEN + ROSE lingerie line.

Are they completely see though!? (I hear a few conservative gasp’s!) Well yes, and this risque quality (that I adore!) is balanced against meters and meters and quite literally meters of silk, delicately shaped and draped so that the mass amounts of fabric creates a opaque quality that softly defuses the ‘see-through’ edge.

With VINIGA garments, designed by Brigitte Da Silva, you can always expect garments that are perfectly balanced.  Now they are not always see through, but always a divine mix of modern minimalism and classic cuts.


As a hidden gem of a store, I wanted to introduce you VINIGA’s stunning retail store on Square St in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, as it is a destination you should add to your weekend stroll, coffee in hand and walking shoes on!

Brigitte Da Silva, designer of VINIGA, is quite often in store also – an added bonus to the retail experience.


ADDRESS: 21 Square St, Sheung Wan, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong
PHONE: +852 2530 3728
HOURS: Mon-Sun 10:30AM–6PM


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VINIGA X RAVEN + ROSE for DressMeBlogMe-9-2


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