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Whether it is her modern long, sleek hairstyle (with a little beach wave for those red carpet events) or her iconic, self titled blonde layered look – ‘The Rachel’ – Jennifer Anniston has been both the envy and inspiration since ‘Friends’.

As someone whos golden tresses have been celebrated since the 90’s, it makes perfect sense that Jennifer Anniston is now the celeb endorser and product creator of LIVING PROOF – a hair line created by biotech scientists and pitched by perhaps the most iconic head of hair!

LIVING PROOF, with its seriously scientific base, is host to a number of impressive hair enhancing qualities, ironically because of a list of ingredients it LACKS!

With NO silicones, sulphites, oils, or parabens, LIVING PROOF not only refuses to add to the product buildup that keeps your hair dull and flat, but works to remove all traces of dirt, oil and unnatural products in your hair (the ‘Full Shampoo’ works especially well for this!)

Without these hair harming, but all so common chemicals, LIVING PROOF gives amazing amounts of buoyancy and shine as can hell, why not put it out there and say… celebrity looking locks! It keeps your hair in its most naturally healthy state, a perk which also requires less frequent washes.

I recently took up the challenge of using only LIVING PROOF products for one month.

No other hair mask, primer, spray or styling gel were to get anywhere near this hair of mine unless it was in a certified LIVING PROOF bottle.

My hair, although continuously coloured and cut, is wonderfully resistant, a little dry, fine in terms of strand texture, but there is lot’s of it.  My biggest problem is that due to it being so soft and fine, it falls very straight and almost lifeless unless styled.  Now I say ‘styled’ but for me that’s done without a hairdryer and more so in a technique I call ‘grab and scrunch’ to give it that more bed-hair/messy-rock look which matches my current shaggy bob cut.

Regardless to say, I’m far from the Anniston pedigree of tresses, but even on a ‘bad hair day, just after one week of exclusive LIVING PROOF products the difference to my hair was highly noticeable in terms of buoyancy and smoothness.

Defined and manageable sans any styling apparatus (hair dryer, straightener, curlers) my hair reacted amazingly to the LIVING PROOF products – of which I actually used quite a bit of…




FULL SHAMPOO:  Sulcate-Free, silicon-free, oil-free! And particularly amazing on fine hair.


RESTORE CONDITIONER: You have no idea how much my hair need this!  After multiple colourings it was desperate for a moisture balancing conditioner like this!


DRY SHAMPOO:  I used this to extend days between washes – awesome for an express-(hair)makeover!  A combination that insured an awesome amount of fullness!


5-in-1 STYLING TREATMENT: I lathered this on my hair after my evening hair wash and woke to noticeably softer, shinier hair – my go-to if I know I have an early start and need great hair from my waking moment!


AMP INSTANT TEXTURE VOLUMIZER: I’m all about flexible, remoldable hair that can shape and move throughout the day but still hold a head of attitude!  This volumizer was perfect for my current cut!


FULL THICKENING CREAM: And so this is where my Jennifer Anniston hair really came into play!




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