Not all wax results are what they should be – but it is hard to sometimes tell the good from the bad as in the first 24hrs after you’ve been stripped of all hair down there, redness, spots, and sensitivity can occur.

So here’s a little list of what separates a GOOD wax from a BAD in terms of the not so talked about 24hr aftermath:





As expected, straight after your wax you should be completely hair-free where the wax was applied.  Now an occasional stray hair or two might be present, something your beautician will probably clean up with a pair of tweezers or which you can do in the privacy of your own bathroom.



You’re going to be sporting some serious red skin for at least a full day after your wax, but don’t panic, this is completely normal.  Unlike shaving, where hair removed from above the skin,  waxing requires that the hair follicle’s are pulled from below the skins surface.  This results in slightly inflamed and red skin, which is normal in the world of waxing.  Your Lady area will go back to its clean, healthy skin tone about 24hrs after the wax when the redness tones itself down.



Because the hair is being removed from deep, deep down, causing the hair shaft to remain open, waxing can sometimes leave behind spots of blood where your hair pour is.  Now I’m not talking streams of blood, or even dripping!  Think pin-sized dots – they are normal – they don’t appear on everyone, but if they do, don’t fret.

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While red patches are normal, skinless areas ARE NOT!

You should never have to experience grazes or skinless areas from a wax – this is a bad bad sign Ladies and if it occurs you need to look elsewhere for a therapist!



Any sign’s of bruising, excessive bleeding or tearing is a BIG no-no!  It is not normal for this to occur and if it does, you’re in the wrong place and under the wrong technicians hands!



Now ingrown hairs come with the territory – but by all means – they should be MINIMAL!

If you find that you have a large amount of ingrown hairs starting to show not long after your wax, then this means the hair was probably broken off under the skin and not removed from the follicle.

Keep an eye on this!



The reality is that hair does grow back within days!  This is because hair grows in different cycles, so  at the time of waxing, there is usually hair that is just below the skins surface which you may see sprout not long after your wax.  This is FINE!  What is NOT FINE is if there is noticeably a lot of hair sprouting back after a few days.  This means that the hair was broken at the surface instead of pulled from the follicle.

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