Now I don’t know if it’s because as a Stylist (and prone to a very tactile relationship with fashion), I didn’t jump at the on-line shopping phenomenon – preferring to blame my late cyber-bloom to my up-close-and-personal inclination towards clothing – OR the fact that I just didn’t know who to trust!?

Admittedly I’d like to think it was about the touch of the fabric and the fit of the garment, but all that I can tell (via years of experience) simply from a picture. So realistically, my sceptical approach to shopping on-line is ALL about simply not knowing who to buy from.

The Outnet, Shopbop, Net-a-Porter, they are all obvious choices, but sometimes they just don’t cut it – like currently! I’m on the search for a white silk maxi gown for the after-party of my wedding and I simply can’t find what I’m looking for to save myself!

And Min Yong knows EXACTLY how I feel!…

In fact, it was because of her wedding also, that this fashion-ecom entrepreneur devised the Singaporean site called ‘Booroos’.

“It all started with I was preparing for my mid-2011 wedding. Based in Singapore though with bridesmaids in different counties, I thought the easiest way to organize their attire was to order their dresses online and have them shipped to their respective home addresses.”

This, of course, did not go smoothly. Six weeks later, the dresses were nowhere to be found, and a letter to the company ensued. Finally, after more than three months, the dresses arrived but in poor condition and looked nothing like what it was advertised online.”

“From that experience, I scoured the web looking for avenues to alert other soon-to-be brides of the poor-practice of this online shop, only to see there was no good website out there.”

And so Booross was born (Thaaaaaank YOU Mrs.Yong!)

Booroos is basically host to your opinions.

It’s a go-to review website for all cyber shoppers to read, share and rate online shops.

It lists over 900 stores, some of which are familiar, some are wildly obscure – but all go under the careful watch of Booroos – and in turn, you!

And it’s not just for the shoppers, either.

Booroos allows online stores to monitor positive and negative reviews from their customers; giving them the chance to rebuke criticism, and improve on their service and product offerings.

Now I didn’t find the dress I was after, but I did find an awesomely ME and everyday silk slip from ‘Sacks Fith Avenue’ (my ratings on-line HERE if you’d like to read it).

If you’re an on-line shopper, PLEASE do me the favour of going via Booroos to purchase and leave comments while your at it!

I’m thinking team effort here fashionistas! We need to all pull together to warn, to promote, to signal the ‘who’s whos’ and ‘who’s-NOT’ of the e-com world!

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